Entrust your party to professionals

Have you ever celebrated your birthday in a real Castle with the heart of Scotland?

Served by real Scots, strictly in Kilt, whose only job is to ensure the success of your party?

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Only by choosing Toto’s for your birthday party:

  • You will have a Party Planner exclusively dedicated to your event;
  • You can create a personalized menù and compose it as you wish;
  • You will receive the official Castle from the Heart of Scotland T-Shirt as a gift;
  • Having a professional photographer who will immortalize every moment of your event;
  • You can keep your party going with the entertainment of our animators;
  • Choose a custom graphic for your cake.

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Ask for a estimate

Are you afraid that despite this your party may still not live up to your expectations?

Make an appointment with our Party Planner and study with him an ad hoc solution to live your party in the Castle like a real King or a real Queen.

Don’t worry, you will have no obligation: the appointment will be without any obligation to book.

To make an appointment call our toll-free number: our staff will answer you 7 days a week from 12:00am to 11:00pm.

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At Toto’s on average every year:


birthday celebrated




pictures taken to the celebrated

A Party Planner specialized in the realization of events

Do you think a Party Planner is too much to organize a simple birthday party in a club?

Just think for a moment.

Book your birthday party in a club by just specifying the time, agreeing on the type of cake.

You wait for weeks that you arrive on your birthday to celebrate with your friends but, when it finally arrives, you find yourself in the middle of the party between:

❌ People who hardly touched food because the menu was not up to expectations;

❌ Bored friends who can’t wait for the party to end, because in the restaurant you have chosen no one has thought about entertainment during the party;

❌ Waiters who do not give you the right attention because your party is not a priority for them.

At Toto’s we cannot allow all this to happen because we know the value that an event has for those who decide to celebrate it.

We know that each party is different from the other and that each celebrated person has their own needs in terms of menu, entertainment, cake, hospitality, etc. etc …

This is why we have included a Scottish staff member exclusively in organizing events and birthday parties.The task of our Party Planner is to create with you a party tailored to your needs, transforming a simple birthday into an event to remember and that you and your friends will talk about for weeks.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your birthday or your graduation: thanks to the collaboration with an expert in management, your event will be memorable.

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What happens during the meeting with the Party Planner?



  • Create a personalized menu based on your tastes and needs;
  • Choose which cake among those of Toto’s;
  • Find out which are all the options that can make your dinner unique.

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  • Find out what kind of entertainment you will find during your event;
  • Choose what type of entertainment you would like to find during your evening;
  • Find out how the Scots will make your cake moment unique.

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Do you want more information?

Didn’t you find all the useful information to organize your party and would like to have more details?

Call our toll-free number: our staff will answer 7 days a week from 12:00am to 11:00pm and you can make an appointment with the Party Planner without any commitment to purchase.

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