The weekend is that time of the week where we finally have the opportunity to disconnect from work and commitments to have fun, going to dinner in our trusted restaurant, thus entrusting him with the task of making our Saturday evening unforgettable!

How many times, however, have you happened to go to the restaurant with your friends and sit near the table of a couple who is arguing or are you forced to listen to that horrendous background music?


A whole other music plays at Toto’s…


In fact, after dinner the place changes and gives you the opportunity to listen to the music of your choice, making you the protagonist of YOUR Saturday night!

All very simple:

1. Choose your heart track;

2. Dedicate it to whoever you want;

3. Listen to the whole club singing it out loud!

During the evening, also respond to the Contests that are proposed to win some prizes!

What is the soundtrack of your life?

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