“Il Cervellone” is the most famous Quiz Game in Italy.
The only one of its kind capable of carrying the same emotions experienced by the competitors in the TV quiz games, directly between the tables of Toto’s, the Castle from the heart of Scotland.

Every Monday starting at 9:30 pm you can play at the Cervellone in the only room in the shape of a Scottish Castle where you will be served by an army of waiters strictly in kilts

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“Ugh, another Quiz Game, how boring!”

This is what those who have never experienced the thrill of the Brain might think.
In fact, it is the only Quiz Game where there are not only the classic quiz questions but you can also experience special emotions such as those of betting and cheering for a horse race or even playing in first person a football final on penalties, along with many other memory and skill games.
Contrary to the other Quiz Games that you can find in other clubs, the Brain is the only one with attractive graphics and is the easiest to use for a gaming experience that you will not wait to tell your friends the next day!

Receive the Wireless keypad

The animation team will give you a wireless button panel with which you can answer the questions broadcast on all the televisions in the room (12!).

Choose your team name

At that point, all you have to do is think about the name of your team and you are ready to play with the rest of the Toto’s, for a 3-round challenge.

Answer the questions

Get ready to do battle on many topics: sports, music, geography, mathematics, history, literature, English, science…

Win the heat

The team that earns the most points will win the gadgets and prizes offered by Toto’s

Ready to challenge the rest of the Castle to the

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